Construction Management Services

DBC is a full–service construction organization that includes a separate Construction Management division. Over the past decade, larger construction managers have called on DBC for select construction management services. We have teamed with recognized local and global partners to provide construction management services to support project delivery.

Our expertise is built upon our core capabilities and service record as a general contractor providing general construction, select self-performed trades, including site excavation, concrete, paving, site restoration and finishing work as well as electrical installations.  We know construction, and we understand the importance of estimating and scheduling work.  Our track record as builders supports our excellence as construction managers.

Construction Management Services – Across Building, Site and Heavy Civil Markets

DBC Construction Management Services provides services primarily to government agencies, authorities and trusts and private institutional and educational facilities throughout the greater New York area.  DBC works within many industry sectors and provides construction management services to diverse markets, including education and health care, corrections and justice, emergency and rapid response, utilities, energy, transportation (transit & aviation), infrastructure, parks and recreation destinations, streetscapes and other green spaces.

DBC’s Construction Management Services Division provides construction management services including:

Construction Labor

DBC Construction Management Services also provides labor to perform general conditions work as part of the CM’s responsibilities. The company has experienced, well-trained professionals with both building interiors and site/civil construction working with the public sector in downstate New York.