Electrical Contracting

Adding to its robust service capabilities, DBC is a NYC Department of Buildings Licensed Electrical Contractor with extensive experience in performing both prime and subcontracting electrical installations for buildings and site civil projects.

DBC has performed multiple projects for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NYC Transit Authority, Metro-North Railroad, MTA Bridges & Tunnels and the LIRR). In 2021, DBC completed a roughly $5 Million dollar Electrical Upgrade at the Astoria Station in Queens, in addition to the 207th street Yard Lighting Upgrade for NYC Transit. Other MTA electrical projects include the Liberty Avenue and Myrtle Avenue station Lighting Upgrades.

DBC’s Electrical Division also completed the site utility project for the Hudson River Park Trust at the Pier 54 Esplanade connecting the electric, water and sewer service under the new Esplanade at Pier 54 to the newly constructed “Little Island” in the Hudson River at Pier 55.

DBC continues to perform multiple projects for its long-standing client, Con Edison, completing complex site projects for the storm stiffening of its substations, including all electrical work.

DBC was the subcontractor for Skanska performing electrical work for the NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC) at the Brooklyn Army Terminal at Pier 4. Work included installing panelboards and a transformer on a new structural steel platform, electrical conduit, wire and water service with freeze protection under the pile deck, and installation of two new marine power and water service pedestals on the pier. Work also included having to use a floating dock and coordinate the work during low tide in order to do work under the pile deck.

Energy Group Services

The mission of DBC and DBC Energy Group is to emerge, grow and provide the skilled labor and project management to meet the construction demands of new green infrastructure projects across all sectors, including wind, solar, EV charging stations, electrification of building, installation of battery storage and other technologies as they become mainstream sustainable energy solutions

Several examples of these projects include:

  • Rehabilitation of Yard Lighting at 207th Street Yard that included electrical conduit & light pole installations.
  • Five station Rehab at Liberty Avenue that consisted of station lighting electrical work.​
  • Lighting component project at 49th Street on the Broadway line.​
  • Five station Rehab at Myrtle Avenue that consisted of station lighting electrical work.​
  • Installation of a heat trace system, wiring of new pumps and relocation of electrical panel in the machine room at Pier 84. The work was self-performed. Project value of $672,400.​
  • Pipe trench modification that included heat trace and insulate pipes, installing electric to pumps, backfilling trenches and repaving the parking lot at Pelham Manor, New York. The work was self-performed.​
  • Installing breaker panels, wired panels and ejector pumps and connected to feeds in the building at the Dunwoodie Substation. Additionally, DBC completed all grounding and bus bars and installed copper ground bar.​
  • Con Edison Sub-Slab depressurization that included new electrical riser from the basement to the new roof fan building, relocation of lights and installation of new light fixtures. The work was self-performed.​
  • The Fordham Station in the Bronx, New York.​