Con Edison Substation: SPCC Upgrades (Spill Prevention Control And Countermeasures)

DBC recently performed as the prime site contractor on the following substation storm stiffening projects:


At Elmsford Substation DBC installed new concrete moat walls and watertight doors and flood gates at four transformer vaults and one pump house.

New sump pits and pumps were installed at five locations. Work included new masonry wall extensions and lintels, steel access stairs and the installation of conduit and electrical equipment. Phase II of the project included final grading throughout the substation and the installation of 1670 LF concrete curb and new asphalt roadways, as well as new drainage structures and landscaping.


At Eastview Substation, DBC installed 1470 LF cast- in-place concrete curbing around the perimeter of the substation. Work also included installation of earthen berm with crushed stone basin and the installation of erosion control measures and SPI Petro-Trough Barrier System.

Project Details