Green Infrastructure in Newtown Creek and 26th Ward CSO Tributary Area

Construction of this project is to support NYC DEP’s Green Infrastructure Program, which aims to reduce combined sewer overflows into New York Harbor in a cost-effective way. Subsurface detention systems with infiltration capability provide temporary storage of stormwater runoff underground. These systems have an open bottom, with perforated pipe and stormwater chambers for added detention volume. Systems are designed with a gravel bed that stores water until it can infiltrate into the ground.

DBC is completing four new green infrastructure contracts. The projects take place in several NYCHA properties including Van Dyke Houses, Roosevelt Houses, Bushwick Houses, and more. The projects are also being built at a number of playgrounds including Evergreen, Fermi, Maria Hernandez, Howard Playgrounds in Newtown Creek/26th Ward CSO Tributary Area and Railroad Playground in Brooklyn.

Project Details

  • Location : Brooklyn, NY
  • Budgets : $1 - $5 Million
  • Complete Date : 2022
  • Client Name : NYC EDC/NYC DEP CM: Aecom