Raising Shorelines/Resiliency/Infrastructure at Old Howard Beach

DBC is a subcontractor to Hunter Roberts Construction Group for this Resiliency Project at Old Howard Beach. Located on the Shellbank and Hawtree Basins, the Old Howard Beach project involves the construction of crown walls, bulkheads and regrading at two noncontiguous segments.


The first segment is a deteriorating street end with cracking asphalt, eroding rip rap, and a chain link fence. The scope of work involves construction of a crown wall and new riprap armor stone to protect against sea level rise that would otherwise inundate much of 95th Street. Reconstruction of existing 12” ESVP Sanitary sewer and construction of new 15” ESVP Storm sewer on 45’ deep Timber piles with concrete encasement as per the DEP Requirements.


The second segment, where the shoreline’s low-lying topography is characterized by vegetation and scattered areas of stone riprap. The scope of work involves the construction of an 85-foot-long crown wall and footing to protect against sea level rise. Removal of existing Storm sewer and installation of new 15” ESVP Storm sewer on Timber piles. In addition, this site also includes a new Cast in Place Head Wall and Tide gate chamber with the flap gate and stop logs.


Both segments involve major Dewatering with extensive DEP Dewatering requirements; street reconstruction, regrading, and storm sewer work, including catch basins and manholes to address drainage.

Project Details

  • Location : Queens, NY
  • Budgets : $ 2,800,000.00
  • Complete Date : 01/01/2024
  • Client Name : NYC Economic Development Corporation